COMPUTEX2019 | Longsys officially launched automotive-grade eMMC!

The 2019 Taipei International Computer Show (COMPUTEX TAIPEI) was grandly opened on the 28th. Longsys Electronics also held a product showcase and officially released automotive-grade eMMC products.

Longsys Electronics’ automotive eMMC products range from 8GB to 128GB and other mainstream capacity, including industrial wide temperature (-40-85°C) and automotive grade (AEC-Q104 Grade3) two product grades, officially entered the industrial control market and automotive OEM market .

Among them, the industrial wide temperature eMMC products offer 8GB, 16GB, 32GB three capacity options, will start to provide customer samples in June, and officially mass production in the third quarter.

Longsys Electronics’ automotive-grade eMMC products will sample in September and begin mass production in the fourth quarter, which will continue to enrich product capacity and specifications.

Before the official release of the automotive-grade eMMC products, Longsys industrial-grade eMMC series products have been shipped in bulk for over one and a half years in automotive after-loading products. Millions of industrial-grade eMMC products have undergone complete verification of spring, summer, autumn and winter gas changes, as well as rigorous testing and market testing of products at all stages of the customer. The actual product defect rate is far below 50DPPM.

Longsys automotive eMMC products are designed and verified according to the requirements of AEC-Q104. The designed service life is more than 10 years, and the manufacturing process strictly complies with the requirements of IATF16949 system.

Longsys deepens cooperation with upstream and downstream manufacturers in Taiwan, future business growth can be expected.

Longsys Electronics is a leading manufacturer of flash memory storage in mainland China. Recently, in addition to vigorously expanding non-consumer products, it also acquired Lexar brand from Micron, to expand its downstream outlets. Vice president of sales Kevin Wang pointed out that Longsys will continue to deepen its cooperative relationship with Taiwan’s packaging and testing plants and customers, exerting the effect of one plus one over two, and with the continued expansion of the memory market, future business growth will be possible.

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CES2018: Longsys will continue to expand the depth and breadth of their products and markets

The CES (Consumer Electronics Show), an annual global consumer electronics event gathering the cutting-edge technologies from all walks of life, is held as scheduled (January 9-12, 2018) in Las Vegas, USA. Besides the press conference of all kinds of latest digital products, many new technologies including 5G communications, AI, VR / AR and various intelligent technologies, etc. have also drawn the attention of consumers worldwide.

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Security and Storage are Inseparable — Longsys exhibits at CPSE 2017

With the in-depth construction of smart city and the rise of IoT and AI, the amount of data generated by the security industry is continuing to show a rapid growth trend. Topics like how to meet the mass of data storage, how to store data safely and efficiently for a long time in a severe environment have become the focus of the industry.

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Storage Road of Longsys——Attending CFMS 2017

In September 6, 2017, Longsys was invited to participate in the China Flash Market Summit (CFMS 2017), which was hosted by Shenzhen Flashmarket Information Co., Ltd., with the theme of “China Storage • Global Pattern”. The summit was held in InterContinental Hotel Shenzhen. It is noteworthy that there were more than a dozen domestic and foreign important enterprises in storage industry that were invited to give speeches, including Samsung, Intel, Micron, Marvell, Longsys, etc. ChinaFlashMarket also provided industrial data analysis and special reports for the development of the storage industry. As the representative of the local storage leading enterprise, Mr. Cai Huabo, founder of Longsys, was also invited to attend and gave a speech on the theme of “Storage Road of Longsys “.

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New Smart Storage for IoT Longsys products Show (Taipei)

With the prevalence of smart products (smartphones, pads, etc.) and the booming of the IoV and IoT, data generated worldwide is to reach about 45 ZB by 2020. Demand for data storage among individuals, enterprises and governments is growing exponentially.

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