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    Longsys FORESEE® eMCP is adapted with eMMC controller of high performance and NAND Flash of high quality and LPDDR3 with lower power consumption. It is a perfect combination of LPDDR and eMMC, which is smaller in size and larger in storage density. To be more specific, the exclusive IDA (Initial Data Accelerating), cache mode, blackout protection, firmware backup are the special features of eMMC, can effectively reduce cost of production, improve user experience and improve the stability of whole device, while LPDDR can effectively reduce power dissipation and provide variable storage of fast speed.


    Smart Phone
    VR & AR


  • Initial Data Accelerating
  • Internal Auto Cache
  • Power-loss Safeguard
  • Firmware Backup
  • 3



    Patent Number

  • Chinese patent:20111043007.5、201220563689.5、201310010956.5、201320054515.0、201320055817.X、201280003553.1、201320273789.9、201320376513.3、201310411218.1、201420149133.0、201520029674.4、201520031836.8
  • Taiwan patent:101107081、102206251、102206515、103208343
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  • ALL embedded firmware is designed by longsys’s R&D team.
  • Hardware and firmware can be customized by specific demands.
  • 7x24h technical support.
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