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    Longsys FORESEE® eMMC is patented. The firmware in the eMMC controller is researched and developed independently by Longsys. The autonomous FW algorithm consists of: 1. IDA (Initial Data Acceleration) function; 2. Dynamic wear leveling algorithm; 3. ECC (Error Correction Code) mechanism; 4. Bad block management; 5. Power-loss safeguard.
    Longsys is the largest supplier of embedded memory in the white brand market of tablet, smart phone and set-top box domestically, its market share is expanding stably and monthly supply is more than 10 million. The products of Longsys are widely used in major platforms like Intel, MediaTek, Allwinner, Amlogic, Spreadtrum, and RockChip, etc. With Longsys, customers can shorten the launch cycle of their products and reduce R&D costs. Meanwhile, Longsys has its own local testing team and professional FAE team, who provide 7*24 hour services to customers to effectively solve problems at code level.


    Smart TV
    Smart Phone
    Set-top Box
    VR & AR
    Navigation System


  • Excellent compatibility with platforms
  • High performance ensures the system fluency
  • Good data reliability
  • Cost effective
  • Industrial small size: 8mm x 10mm
  • Customizable density: 128MB, 256MB, 512MB
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    Patent Number

  • Chinese patent:20111043007.5、201220563689.5、201310010956.5、201320054515.0、201320055817.X、201280003553.1、201320273789.9、201320376513.3、201310411218.1、201420149133.0、201520029674.4、201520031836.8
  • Taiwan patent:101107081、102206251、102206515、103208343
  • Customer Services

  • All embedded firmware is designed by longsys’ R&D team.
  • Hardware and firmware can be customized by specific demands.
  • 7x24h technical support.
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